Biosfera Brasil supports some Social and Ecological Projects, and offers our clients the possibility of visitation. Some of them are already part of the tours and activities included in our packages, others are optional.

The Social Projects work mainly together with some of the local poor Brazilian communities, providing healthcare and education or creating and coordinating activities like handicraft production and culture and musicality teaching. The goal is that the communities will assimilate and self coordinate these activities taking through them their maintenance. We believe that, by visiting these projects, clients will have a great opportunity to have a better contact with the communities, understanding their problems and seeing what’s being done to help them.

By visiting the Ecological Projects, clients will be able to see the hard work of the Brazilian non governmental organizations (NGOs) in order to recuperate devastated areas and create new areas protected by law. The governmental organizations on their side, focus more on the conciliation of the preservation of nature with commercial and tourism activity stimulation.

Project Pracatum

"The school of my dreams is the place where people go to satisfy their curiosities, creating others at the same time." Carlinhos Brown

Location: Salvador - Bahia

Project Didá

"Projeto Didá" was initiated by Antonio Luiz Alves de Souza, also known as "Neguinho do Samba" and considered by Carlinhos Brown to be the "God of Percussion". Antonio established Didá, the Didá school of music and dance, and the Didá girls band, to promote opportunities for women in Salvador.
Location: Salvador - Bahia

Grupo Cultural Afro Reggae

The objective of Afro Reggae (CGAR) is to provide learning and self-esteem for youth from low-income communities. The group works with poor Afro-Brazilian population and offer a cultural and artistic education that reinforces positive interests.
Elected by UNESCO “Best Social Project in Brazil” in year 2000.
Location: Rio de Janeiro

Fundação Movimento OndAzul

OndAzul was founded by Gilberto Gil - one of the most expressive and well-known Brazilian artists, and also an environmental activist. The main objective is the generation of income, through the recycling of plastic bottles for use in the production of furniture frames.
Locality: Rio de Janeiro

Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha
The SERFM develops activities linked to Educational Art aimed to “Street Children”, mainly through theatre, dance and circus techniques. Its mission is to develop a wide mobilization campaign around the so-called “street children” issue and begin socio-educational action towards the inclusion and guarantee of rights of children.
Location: Rio de Janeiro
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