Grupo Cultural Afro Reggae
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The goal of Grupo Cultural Afro Reggae (GCAR) is to have a direct intervention close to the Afro-Brazilian population and offer a cultural and artistic education that reinforces positive interests, in an effort to help young favela (urban slum) residents escape from the drug traffic or under-employment.

Music has been the main tool used to attract youth to participate in GCAR. The success of the band AfroReggae led other youth to follow the same path, and today there are several groups that are maturing.

AfroReggae has been working to bridge the abyss that separates black from white, rich from poor, certain that this is the only alternative that might build a long lasting peace.

Currently, Afro Reggae offers various programs that work towards this goal. In the Vigário Geral neighborhood, for instance, Afro Reggae trains youth in traditional African-Brazilian music and dance. Additionally, in the Cantagallo neighborhood Afro Reggae trains youth in circus performance. The organization is sponsored by such organizations as CARE-Brazil and the Ford Foundation.

UNESCO: Best Social Project in Brazil

How can I visit this project?
Biosfera Brasil offers some Packages that will put you close to this Project. Take a look on the Packages list below, click on the link for complete information and join us in this effort!!!

The project's head quarter at the Vigario Geral neighborhood can be visited every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The base at the Cantagalo Favela, in Copacabana, can be visited on Thuesdays and Thursdays.
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