Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha
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Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha - SERFM, was created in 1990 of a coalition of four NGOs which elaborated a project seeking to sensitize the population and the public sectors about the terrific reality of the so called “street children”.

Since its appearance, SERFM proposes to open new horizons for the children using the Art as central axis of their pedagogic activities, changing children's perspective.

Today, SERFM divides its activities between the Street Approach Nucleus, the Creative Development Center - CDC, the Communities Nucleus and the Social Circus School, developing a daily service capacity for more than 600 children, youths and teenagers.

Aware of the importance in involving the whole society on the search of ways that lead to a better life quality to those children, SERFM has tried to strengthen its actions through partnerships with countless actors of the organized civil society and public sector.

It also participates on the creation of many networks, like the Cirque du Monde (World Circus), which has spread throughout the world SERFM’s work with circus arts to children and youths in risky situation, and the Rede Rio Criança (Rio’s Children Network), which gathers NGOs that develop works aimed to street children in Rio de Janeiro State.

Among the main partners we can mention the Foundation Terre des Hommes (Switzerland), the Jeunesse du Monde (Canada), the Kirken NÆdhjelp (Norwegian), the Ação Comunitária Brasileira (Brazilian Communitary Action), the Pastoral do Menor (Catholic assistance to minors), the Ford Foundation (Brazil) and the social development general offices of Rio de Janeiro State and Municipality.

Teenagers and youths tended by the project get organized in art operative groups - Companhia de Artes Cala Boca Já Morreu, Trupe do Circo Social, Meninos da Lua (Moon boys) and others - which develop productions projects, they help with other children inclusion and do shows, reaching more autonomy.

The Theater and Circus Troupe , formed by art educators and youths from the project, develop activities targeted to the street children and teenagers approach, trying to establish relationships based on trust and respect. The objective is to get to know better these kids point of view to develop more accuracy pedagogic proposals and forward them to social assistance.

Being the Art & Culture an essential part of SERFM’s work and having its actions directed in a perspective change, it is vital to strengthen the cultural interchange on the search of new ways that appear from the multiplicity of visions which compose our world today. This program is to develop activities linked to Educational Art, mainly through circus techniques, seeking the development of a creative socialization processes. The beneficiaries are young in risky situations, they live in very difficult conditions: street children, young residents in villages or slums. Some of the pedagogic targets are: motivate the desire to learn and the taste for knowledge; teach how to deal with conflicts; respecting rules and limits and; create new relationship forms.

Supplying practical experiences with several artistic languages, seeking for the self-knowledge and expressiveness, strengthening the self-esteem and stimulating social participation.

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