Fundação Movimento OndAzul
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OndAzul foundation was founded in 1990, brain child of Gilberto Gil - one of the most expressive and well-known Brazilian artists, who is also an environmental activist and actual Minister of Culture.

The main objective is the creation of job opportunities, the generation of income, through the recycling of plastic bottles for use in the production of furniture frames.

Brazil produces six billion two-liter plastic bottles type pet a year and less than 2% are recycled. The numbers show a negative result, taking into account the serious environmental and social problems caused by this entire residue.

Vigário Geral was identified as a ideal space to serve as model for this project development, which associates the social subject to the environmental issue in a perfect harmony of interests. Vigário Geral community water groups are basic contributors of Guanabara Bay, and there is a very close relationship between the accumulation of this kind of trash and the problems generated by its impact on the environment.

The project creates alternative solutions to the plastic residues destiny problem, especially for the two liters plastic bottles type pet, through the implantation of a recycling Plant, using the bottles to produce furniture’s internal structures. The Plant performance is aimed to commercialize the products manufactured by the project, seeking the proposal sustainability through the production of pet furniture and the execution of mobilization activities, focused in Environmental Education, to provoke behavior change with the garbage. It generates 14 direct jobs for the community and qualifies ten people more in cooperatives management through Fundação OndAzul partnerships.

Two years after beginning the project, the Vigário Geral community could verify a sensitive reduction on the problems caused to the environment by the plastic residues accumulation, becoming a reference in the art of transforming garbage in citizenship. Assembly the furniture's structure

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