You will find the best of Brazilian ecological destinations in a perfect trip for you. Travel packages for travelers looking for programs that include outdoor activities such as trekking, rafting, caving and more

Amazon Manaus - 6 days
The exuberant nature of the Amazon Forest and its best attraccions.
Chapada Diamantina - 6 days
The wonderful landscape of Chapada and its caves and cascates.
Bonito - 5 days
Enjoy the natural wonders of this spectacular region which is one of the best places on Earth for cave daving and snorkeling in rivers.
Iguacu Falls - 3 days
The wonderful spectacle of the largest waterfalls in the world.
Pantanal and Bonito - 6 days
The wildlife of Pantanal and all natural beauties of Bonito combined in the same program.
Cipó Multisports - 9 days
Tighten your laces... Take a deep breath... And join us on this exciting adventure in with different outdoor activities.
South Pantanal - 4 days
South Pantanal  is considered one of the richest areas in the world in terms of biodiversity .
Northern Pantanal - 4 days
North Pantanal is being considering one of the best places in Brazil for fishing, bird batching and observation of exotic animals.
Amazon Special Lodges - 5 Days

The exuberant nature of the Amazon Forest and the best lodges selected for you.


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