Fortaleza: 1 day
Jericoacoara: 4 days
Jericoacoara (see photos)

Imagine yourself resting under the shadow of coconut trees, refreshed by the breeze that comes from the blue a calm sea, surrounded by white sand dunes. Paradise? Yes… called by locals, Jeri.

This package leaves from Fortaleza in an off-road vehicle through the endless beaches of Ceará State, reaching the magnificent Jericoacoara  considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
You will visit some of the most beautiful postcards of Jericoacoara, as Pedra Furada, Sunset Dune and some of the wonderful lagoons in the region.

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The program offers a big variety of tours and attractions
Lagoinha Beach
Iracema Beach
Pedra Furada
Paradise Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
Sunset Dune


The program contemplates the best quality on accommodation

Luxury (see photos)
Vila Kalango
Mosquito Blue
Comfort (see photos)
Pous. Cabana
Economic (see photos)
Surfing Jeri


To get to Jericoacoara you must fly to Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará state, and than drive to Jericoacoara.




São Paulo


 4 hours


São Paulo

 4 hours

There are 2 options transfer to Jeri leaving from Fortaleza:

1) Through the asphalted road until Jijoca by air-conditioned vans and than through the dunes untill reach Jericoacoara on “buggies”.

2) In an off road trip with 4x4 vehicles, passing through the beaches of Cerá State.

The first opcion is faster and cheaper. However the off road opcion shows a more beautiful scenario. We offer both options on this package.

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Features that make the difference:

- Romantic atmosphere with charming restaurants and bars.
- The most beautiful sunset in Brazil.
- The itinerary allows the best utilization of time.
- Tours to the most beautiful beaches, dunes and lagoons.
- Best selection of hotels in each location.
- Daily Departures.

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