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Diving in Brazil (see photos)

More and more divers and lovers of other aquatic sports are traveling to Brazil to enjoy its 8000km of coast, tropical climate and rich marine fauna and flora. The tropical climate, warm waters and welcoming people, create a perfect atmosphere for those who want to enjoy the beauties of the deep world.

The country offers different options of diving tours, for beginners or to most experienced divers. Volcanic islands, long coral reefs, marine national parks, sub aquatic caves etc… In Brazilyou can find it all .

From the crystal clear waters in Fernando de Noronha National Park to the most spectacular caves in Bonito, Brazil is everything divers always dreamed.

Please find below some of the best diving sites in Brazil.
Each one has its own characteristics, but they have one thing in common: they are extremely beautiful and well preserved.

Fernando de Noronha: considered by many specialized magazines one of the best places in the world for diving, due to the clear and warm waters of the sea, rich marine fauna and the innumerous ship-wrecks in the area.

Abrolhos: Located about 70 km from the coast the Archipelago of Abrolhos is a National Park compounded by five islands of volcanic origin. The water is warm and crystalline, varying between 24C and 28C degrees. The park hides great diversity of species of corals, some of them endemic.

Bonito: the natural beauties in Bonito include caverns with deep azure lakes inside, incredibly clear rivers that work as natural aquariums, waterfalls and much more. More recently Bonito became the mecca of cave divers. The Mimoso Grotto and the Anhumas Abyss are among best caverns in the world for diving.

Angra dos Reis is a big bay area with green and calm waters, full of small islands and surrounded by mountain range covered by a rich and wonderful forest. It is considered one of the best diving sites in the Brazil for diving, due to tens of shipwrecks and rich sea life.

Paraty: colonial town located in the south end part of Ilha Grande Bay, the same one of Angra dos Reis. The sea has the same characteristicas as Angra with green and clear water.

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The program offers a big variety of tours and attractions
Diving & Snorkeling Shipwrecks
Fernando de Noronha
Diving and snorkeling Guided dive
Nocturnal Dive
Deep Dive
Angra dos Reis
Diving & Snorkeling
Diving and snorkeling
Cave Diving
Diving and snorkeling Guided dive
Nocturnal Dive
Whales Watching
Arvoredo Biological Reserve


The program contemplates the best quality on accommodation

Luxury (see photos)
Pousada Zé Maria
Wetega Hotel
Pousada do Sandi
Blue Tree Park Hotel
Comfort (see photos)
Solar dos Ventos
Piramiuna Hotel
Villas de Paraty

Economic (see photos)
Family Inns
Marrua Hotel


Biosfera Brasil is very selective in the choice of the vehicles within each destination. We understand that the mode of transportation must be not only comfortable but also permit a good observation of the wildlife and panorama around you. The road transfers will be operated by air-conditioned vans or off-road vehicles, except when not available.
Biosfera Brasil is specially strick on the quality of boats for diving tours. Biosfera Brasil selects boats form suppliers with recognized quality on the maintainence of the equipament and with expierenced personal.
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Diving in Brazil

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