Amazon: 9 days
Projeto Bagagem - Amazon (see photos)

Among all regions in Brazil, the Amazon is probably the most preserved, both in terms of natural diversity as in number of communities that maintained their primitive life style.

The Projeto Bagagem – Amazon was created not only to permit that people from all parts of the world, always accompanied by a bilingual guide, have contact with this untouched environment, but also to support and develop the communities that live in that area.

The idea of the "Projeto Bagagem" appeared from a common desire of two friends: to develop an initiative that joined social-communitarian-economic development and conservation of the nature.

More than a simple trip visiting tourist attractions, the idea is to give the visitors the chance to experience reality of life in a remote community, in a gainful process of cultural interchange, both for tourists and local inhabitants.

The "Projeto Bagagem" is a non-profit initiative that promotes the Eco-Social tourism in regions that present a good level of communitarian organization. The trips happen thanks to partnerships established with local non governmental organizations (NGO’s). The places to be visited are situated in regions where a social project or a NGO have a positive impact in the community, contributing for a process of communitarian development of that region. Besides visiting each region, the visitor will understand the work of the NGO partner.

The "Projeto Bagagem – Amazon" takes tourists to visit small “Caboclo” communities located in the edges of the rivers Tapajós and Arapiuns, just a few hours far from Santarém (second bigger city of Pará state).

Suruacá, Urucureá, Jamaraquá and Maguary are typical Amazon villages that live of fishing, hunting and planting manioc and other cultures. On these villages tourists will have contact with local inhabitants and learn their habits, traditions and knowledge.

The program also includes visits to some of the most beautiful places in Amazon such as the astonishing beaches of Alter do Chão and canoe ride through the Igapós.

It is important to emphasize that, even with the clear intention to promote learning and cultural interchange, this is a trip for tourists enjoyment and there is no obligation or guides insistence to make them participate to all the activities scheduled.
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The program offers a big variety of tours and attractions
Cultural meetings on different communities
The river beaches in Alter do Chão
Canoe Tour at the Igarapé Saint Quitéria
Ecologic Trail


The program contemplates the best quality on accommodation

Comfort (see photos)


Biosfera Brasil is very selective in the choice of the vehicles within each destination.
We understand that the mode of transportation must be not only comfortable but also permit a good observation of the wildlife and panorama around you.
The flight from São Paulo to Santarém lasts 5:30min (including connections) and is made in jets by Tam or Varig airlines, in the economic class.
On river tours, we utilize big boats with restrooms and seats, for the longer journeys in the Tapajós River and canoes during the exploration of small streams inside the Amazon forest.

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Projeto Bagagem - Amazon

Features that make the difference

- Eco-Social Tourism concept: "to travel, learn and preserve"
- Cultural interchange with different "Caboclo" communities
- Opportunity to experience life in a remote community
- Untouched nature in one of the remotest areas of the Amazon
- Wonderful beaches of Alter do Chão
- Accompanied by experienced Brazilian guides

Next Departure Dates
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Group Size
Minimum: 10 people
Maximum: 20 people
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