Salvador da Bahia: 5 nights
Carnival in Salvador 2010 (see photos)

No other popular party in the world is as famous as carnival in Brazil. It is an amazing explosion of happiness you certainly have never seen, with people dancing all over the country!!!

The party happens in every city of the country, but no other city in Brazil has a carnival as Salvador!!!

It is not a coincidence that thousands of Brazilians move to Salvador every February. Instead of the famous parade of Samba Schools with those wonderful fantasies that most of the people know, carnival in Salvador happen “behind the Trio Eletrico”.

Roughly speaking, the Trio Eletrico is a big truck, driven very slowly, loaded with thousands of watts of sound equipment and with a band playing on top. Surrounding the truck, there is a big rope carried by hundreds of security guards.
This structure is organized by a private company, called “bloco”. Each Bloco sells a different T-shirt called “Abadá” that allows you to get into the rope. The biggest Blocos, like the Camaleão have over four thousand people, dancing, drinking, kissing… Other good option are the camarotes (kind of balconies along the parade route) from which they can watch the activity and then descend into the street when they feel like it. This package includes abadás for Daniela Mercury and Timbalada and one night at the “camarote” (balconies).

Program in Salvador:

Saturday: Balcony Nana Banana
Sunday: Bloco Eva
Tuesday:  Bloco Papa

After the excitement of four days in Salvador, people move to Praia do Forte, a small village about 1 hour far from Salvador, with some of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil. During regular season it is one of the quietest and most sophisticated destinations of Brazilian coast, receiving tourists from all parts of the world. After Carnival it becomes a place to party and rest. People that spent the carnaval in Salvador, go to Praia do Forte to rest and enjoy the magnificent beach. However the adrenaline still on the blood and the parties happen every night on the beach.

Carnaval in Salvador is certainly the biggest party in the world… be part of it!

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Salvador da Bahia
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All ground transportation is made on air-conditioned cars or vans (depending on the number of passengers).
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Carnival in Salvador 2010

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