Bonito: 5 days
Bonito (see photos)

Here we offer 2 options of packages for those who want to visit the wonderful natural beauties of Bonito.

Here you find a 5 days package that includes the deep azure “Blue Lake Grotto”, snorkeling at Natural Aquarium and get a refreshing shower in the cascades of Estancia Mimosa.

You also find another option for divers who want to experience the diving and snorkeling flotations in the crystal clear rivers and amazing caves located in Bonito area, such as the astonishing Anhumas Abyss and the Rio da Prata.

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The program offers a big variety of tours and attractions
Natural Aquarium
Gruta do Lago Azul
Rafting at Rio Formoso falls


The program contemplates the best quality on accommodation

Luxury (see photos)
Wetega Hotel
Comfort (see photos)
Olho d´agua
Economic (see photos)
Aguas Azul


Biosfera Brasil is very selective in the choice of the vehicles within each destination.

We understand that the mode of transportation must be not only comfortable but also permit a good observation of the wildlife and panorama around you.

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Friday, Sunday

Features that make the difference:

- Eco-Social Tourism concept: “to travel, learn and preserve”.
- Opportunity to try the Anhumas Abyss, one of the best adventures in Brazil.
- The unforgettable experience to swim among big fishes.
- Best selection of hotels.
- Weekly Departures.

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