Jericoacoara is a virgin beach hidden behind the dunes of the west coast of Ceara State. Elected by the Washington Post one of the Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Jeri, as it is friendly called by locals, is a small point of heaven on Earth, compounded by deep blue lagoons, calm sea and huge dunes from where it is possible to see the most beautiful sunset in Brazil.
Since 1984, the area around Jericoacoara was declared Environmental Protection Area (APA) and became a National Park in 2002. This brought many building restrictions and tourism controls what help to preserve the area.

The distance to bigger cities and the difficulties of access also helped to keep the beach and the village isolated. Only 15 years ago, Jeri was a fishing village, without any contact with modern civilization, where electricity was generated by diesel engines and street illumination came from the moon and the stars. After the Journal election was published, the tourism grew rapidly and the beach village became one of the most charm destinations of Brazilian coast. Electricity arrived in the village in 1998 and today, hot showers and air conditioning are no longer luxury articles. However, since the illumination of the streets is forbidden by local law, the moon and starts still there for your delight.

The trip to Jeri represents a natural obstacle but it is part of the show. The road from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara presents beautiful beaches and rustic villages. The last 45 minutes you complete off-road "on-sand", among dunes and along a beach in what it is one of most beautiful journeys of Brazil (even more at night, in the moon light!). After arriving you find several different sceneries, altogether in a very beautiful and harmonic combination.

The village with streets covered by the sand that comes from the dunes in front of the sea… the long thin sand beaches with coconut trees… the lagoons created by the rain water among the dunes…. The constant wind makes Jericoacoara one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and sailing. At night, Jeri is calm, quite and with good options of restaurants and bars, building a perfect scenario for lovers.

You have more than one reason to consider Jeri a paradise… Go and check it…

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Pedra Furada
Duna do por do Sol (Sunset Dune)
Lagoa Azul and Lagoa do Paraiaso
Nova Tatajuba
Windsurf and Sailing


  • Enjoy the sunset at the dune. It is an unforgettable experience. ­ Besides the natural beauty, Jericoacoara also has good nightlife.
  • If you come as a couple, Jeri is the romantic place you are looking for: quiet, calm, with a wonderful sky and charm restaurants.
  • But if you arrive on your own don’t worry, Jeri’s easy going environment make people more opened to know each other. There are many bars, that people use to “warm-up” before going to the Forró (typical dance) at the "Recanto do Momento", where people stay until the sunrise. ­
  • If you keep waked after 2am don’t miss the Bakery of Mr. Antônio Marques, an old fisherman that serves nice hot bread, straight from the brick oven. ­
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses. They are very important to protect the yeas while you are driving on the dunes. ­
  • Make reservations in advance. Since the construction of hotels was controlled in 1992, the number of good places to stay in Jeri is very limited. ­
  • Since Jeri doesn’t have any street lamps, a small flashlight can be helpful on those moonless nights.

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The climate is one of the main attractions of Jericoacoara. The temperature is constantly stable, rarely under 25C (77F) or over 35C (95). A cool breeze is always present to relieve the hot sun.
The sun shines all over the year, but the probability of rain is higher between February and April. Out of this period rain is very rare.
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As mentioned before, just a few years ago, Jeri was a small village, completely isolated from the modern world with a very simple and welcoming fisherman population.
Despite the immigration of foreigners, these people still there and maintain the old simple habits as waking up early, leaving for fishing and talking in front of the houses.
Talking with them is a good opportunity to how life can be simple… and happy.
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Jericoacoara   (Sun & Beach)
A charming and romantic beach village, elected world top 10 most beautiful beaches by The Washington Post.

Dunes Adventure   (Special Programs)
A journey through the wildest portion of the Brazilian Coast. You will leave Fortaleza and spend 9 days travelling through dunes and lagoons until you reach São Luis. This trip crosses 3 states and takes you to its most beautiful and untouched destinations: Jericoacoara, the Parnaiba Delta and the Lençois Maranhenses.

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"We had a wonderful time throughout our trip to Brasil. Our favorite place was Jericoacoara... The accomodation was very nice and we enjoyed them".
Jonathan Heistein - Texas - USA