Salvador da Bahia

Salvador in Bahia is one of those cities that are so linked to strong icon or culture that creates in people’s mind some immediate images…
Brazilians associate Salvador with history and fun, with the Candomblé religion, the white clothes of the Baianas, the drums of Olodum being played in frenetic rhythm, the musicality and the Carnival.

Capital of Brazil until 1763, Salvador presents some of the most beautiful and well-preserved buildings of Brazilian 18th century architecture. In the Pelourinho, name given to the Old District, which is declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, you can find dozens of bars, restaurants, art galleries and souvenirs stores installed in historical colored buildings. Just beautiful!!!
Also considered the cultural capital of Brazil, Salvador is an explosion of colors, rhythms and fun… The music is probably the most important trait of Salvador's culture. Many of the Brazilians best artists were born or grew up in the city. The best examples are the worldly famous musicians Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, João Gilberto and more recently Daniela Mercury, Timbalada and Olodum.

The African influence, seen in many aspects of Brazilian culture, found in Salvador the perfect environment to expand itself without limits. This influence appears in hair cuts used by black people, or in the Candomblé, the unique religion created from the mix of the Catholic faith, brought by the Europeans colonizers, and the syncretism of the African cults.
Old capital of Brazil, Salvador became more recently, the Brazilian Carnival Capital… Every February, an army of thousands of tourists march to the city to follow the “trio eletrico” looking for happiness, fun and maybe a new girlfriend…
With an extensive shoreline and a warm temperature Salvador is an invitation to outdoor leisure activities. From the Barra Port to Itapoã, the tourist find more than 20km of beaches, where people go to relax, swim, rest, eat, drink and dance.

Too much in just one single city? Salvador offers much more… Come and check by yourself…

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Mercado Modelo
A Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos
The lower city:
Elevador Lacerda
Casa de Jorge Amado (Jorge Amado’s house)
A Igreja de São Francisco (The Church of Saint Francis)
Upper City
Farol da Barra
Praia do Forte
Morro de São Paulo


  • Don’t let to go to the Olodum rehearsal, at the Pelourinho, every Tuesday and Sunday. There you’ll fell the contagious rhythm of the Bahian music and its drums.
  • On Carnival, avoid leaving the area inside the rope of your “bloco”. The “pipoca” is full of pickpockets just waiting for you. Don’t take too much money and your passport. Your watch is also useless there. Don’t forget to use sun-block…
  • The view of the Bahia de Todos os Santos, from the square besides the Terreiro de Jesus is just wonderful.
  • Don’t let to try the Acarajé… but choose a Bahiana with an hygienic tend.
  • Despite the all efforts to keep the area safe, like every tourist point in the world, the Pelourinho attracts pickpockets and tricksters looking for careless tourists. So, be ware…
  • Should you want to stay at the Pelourinho, we reccomend the Pousada Studio do Carmo, a small inn located close to the Carmo Convent. The 4 rooms are spacious, confortable and clean. On the first level you find a nice little art gallery. Please contact us.

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The Baiano (name given for the person born in Bahia state) is famous to be one of the happiest and most welcoming people in the country. This happiness can be noticed in the smile of the people since you arrive in the airport or get a taxi cab.
The big number of the Africans that arrived in Bahia since the XVI century, left big influence in the culture, and life of this people. Everywhere you look you see someone singing playing his drums, making dreads in the hair.
Another very famous characteristic of the Baiano is that are very calm, many times confounded with laziness… Great part of the Brazilian music descends from Bahia culture. The samba has it roots in Salvador, Lambada, was created in Porto Seguro and more recently the Samba Reggae and the Carnival. Many of our best musicians are Baianos: Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, João Gilberto and Daniela Mercury.

As the famous music says “The Baiano has god in his heart and the devil in his haunch”

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Adventure Bahia   (Special Programs)
A program designed for adventurers looking for someting more than just watching and taking pictures. Here, we visit the hottest points of the Bahia State, as the astonishing landscape of the Chapada Diamantina National Park and the untouched beaches of Itacaré. It also includes visits to the most important attractions of Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival in Salvador 2010   (Sun & Beach)
Be part of the world's biggest party! Join 3 of the best "Blocos" of Salvador's carnival. A lot of fun, beautiful people and nice beaches.

Brazilian Highlights   (Special Programs)
This is the right program for those who want to get in touch with the unique Brazilian culture and see outstanding landscapes at the same time. It features the incredible landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful Iguassu Falls and the colorful city of Salvador.

Brazilian Cultural Roots   (Expeditions)
This trip is a unique life experience, where you’ll be given the opportunity to understand the reality of three local communities in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, while contemplating outstanding landscapes and natural attractions.

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