Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to Brazil… Welcome to Rio de Janeiro… for long time images of the Christ with the open arms over the Guanabara Bay and the fancy sidewalks of Copacabana were the synonym of Brazil… and not being modest, what wonderful illustration!!!
The "Cidade Maravilhosa" (Wonderful City) as Rio is called, is located in privileged region, where the green mountains seem to touch the blue sea, creating an unforgettable landscape.
Nature was very generous with Rio… The bucolic image of the cable-car in the Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) mountain, the wonderful gardens of the Botanic Garden or the sunset at the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon are just a few examples of the wonderful views that this city can offer.

No other big city in the world compares to Rio de Janeiro . You may prefer some other city, but everybody agrees that Rio is unique. Despite all the news regarding violence in the city, Rio still is one of the top ten most desired destinations among tourists all over the world, not only due to its wonderful pictures but also due to the atmosphere of informality and joy that Rio has.
Nothing summarizes more the carioca (Rio locals) style than going to the beach in the morning, stay there until the day is over and than seat in a bar to drink beer with friends. You can feel this happiness virtually everywhere. Even those that don't have many reasons to smile perform some of the greatest spectacles on earth. Can be in a soccer match at the gigantic Maracanã Stadium or in Carnival parade in February.

Rio de Janeiro offers its tourists an immense number of attractions and a great atmosphere. Let Rio conquest you…

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Tijuca Rain Forest
Botanic Garden
Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon
Ipanema Beach
Copacabana Beach
Statue of Christ, the Redeemer
Cummunity Tour
Golden Lion Tamarin Project


  • Leaving Rio de Janeiro from Santos Dumont Airport, ask for a right window seat. This view from the Wonderful City inspired the musician Antonio Carlos Jobim to make the famous music "Samba do Avião". You’ll understand why…
  • The small bars in Rio, known as botequins, are the best place to see the typical Carioca life style. These bars are part of local culture and they serve wonderful appetizers. Don’t forget to try the "bolinho de Aipim" (manioc loaf) and the "caldinho de feijão" (beans soup).
  • Rio is the headquarter of many jewelry stores. The H.Stern and the Amsterdam Sauer are two of the most famous. You can find wonderful peaces in good prices. Look for the Brazilian yellow Topazio and the blue "Agua Marinha".

It's widely known that safety is one of the major concerns of tourists that come to Rio.
Let’s start saying this: Yes, Rio presents high crimes rates, comparing to developed cities. However, many points must to be understood and demystified.
The press always shows the worst news…violent crimes shown on TV and newspapers are not that common and are normally restricted to poor areas in the suburbs. The south side, as it is called the tourist area is free of this kind of violence. Crimes against tourists happens everywhere, in NY, London or Rome… It happens in Rio too, specially pickpockets and small robberies. We're talking about a big city located in developing country with many people living in poverty. The situation in Rio, though, is much better than it was in the eighties.

In order to make you more comfortable on visiting Rio, follow some tips regarding safety:

  • Avoid dangerous places. If you are in NY, you would probably not visit the Central Park at night… The same in Rio…. Avoid walking on the beach at night… for tourists, the worst neighborhoods are Santa Teresa, Copacabana and Downtown. 
  • Try not to look too tourist. Avoid using jewelry, expensive watches and cameras and carry your passport on the streets…
  • DON’T REACT!!! If somebody tries to rob you, just give everything… cameras, money, Passport…
  • If you get robbed, contact the Tourist Help Police. They speak English and might even find your stuff.

The Biosfera Brasil escorted programs are carefully though to reduce to the maximum the risk of violence…

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Rio is very hot the whole year. Average temperatures vary between 25oC e 30oC during the year, but frequently rise up to 40oC in the summer (from December to March). However, the breezes that blow from the sea make it easier to support the high temperatures.
The winter (from June to August) is just a little bit colder and drier, but you still don’t need carry any heavy coat to visit Rio.
Some packages and tours take tourists to Petropolis and Terezopolis, cities located in the high mountains close to Rio de Janeiro. During the winter, the temperatures in these cities occasionally may fallow to 5C (40F), so you better carry your jacket to these places.

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In a city with so many natural wonders as Rio de Janeiro, many tourists would say that the people living are irrelevant. However, people play a major role in making Rio the Wonderful City. Friendly, sexy, happy, creative are adjectives very used to comment about the Carioca (Rio locals).
According to a survey carried out by a U.S. magazine in 2003, Rio is the friendliest city in the world. Cariocas were the most helpful people in situations such as when a stranger asked for information or had problems to cross a street.
Probably the Rio’s image of the girl with perfect and bronzed body using a small bikini getting into the beach is as famous as the Christ, with the opened arms. The swing on the dance of the mulata, the way the girls walk on the beach…
The carioca is the kind of people whose major concern is having fun, no matter how the situation is. It's been like this for ages. It is not a coincidence that the largest party in the world is realized in Rio: Carnival is an explosion of happiness that last four days in February. However, the happiness is not restricted to those days.
The creativity is a general trait of Brazilians, but it is specially spread within the cariocas While the upper classes from Ipanema created, the "informal and intimist" rhythm of Bossa Nova, the poor people from the slums on the hills created the samba and the fantastic allegories for carnival.
It is hard to define the carioca personality in few words, but you can keep one message:

You don't have to be born in Rio to be a Carioca… being a carioca is a way of behavior and how to face life. Try to relax and let city lifestyle conquest you and soon you will become one… try it and you’ll see…

Travel to Rio de Janeiro; Trip to Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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Adventure Bahia   (Special Programs)
A program designed for adventurers looking for someting more than just watching and taking pictures. Here, we visit the hottest points of the Bahia State, as the astonishing landscape of the Chapada Diamantina National Park and the untouched beaches of Itacaré. It also includes visits to the most important attractions of Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

Wild Forests   (Special Programs)
This program allows you to have contact with three of the most important ecosystems of Brazil such as the Amazon Forest, the flooded areas of the Pantanal, the savannas of the Cerrado and the Atlantic Rainforest. It also includes visits to the magnificent nature of Bonito, the colonial arquitecture in Paraty and the unforgettable landscape of Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2010   (Sun & Beach)
Considered world's most famous and magnificent festival, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is an explosion of colors, sounds and joy. On this tour, we visit Rio's most famous attractions and admire the samba school parade, besides visiting the charming colonial village of Paraty.

Rio de Janeiro   (Sun & Beach)
Visit the most famous attractions of the eternal "Wonderful City"!

Atlantic Dreams   (Special Programs)
Enjoying paradisiacal beaches, partying, hiking and meeting beautiful people from different cultures. On this program you will explore the best combinations of places with privileged nature and wonderful night life along the Brazilian coast. Starting at the magnificent island of Florianópolis, this trip also includes visits to Rio de Janeiro and Arraial D’Ajuda.

Brazilian Highlights   (Special Programs)
This is the right program for those who want to get in touch with the unique Brazilian culture and see outstanding landscapes at the same time. It features the incredible landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful Iguassu Falls and the colorful city of Salvador.

Endangered Wildlife Safari   (Expeditions)
More than a simple safari tour, this trip is a unique opportunity to contribute to conservation projects, becoming face-to-face with some of the most beautiful and endangered species of the Brazilian fauna: the Golden Lion Tamarin, the mysterious Jaguar and the Hyacinth Macaw.

Brazilian Cultural Roots   (Expeditions)
This trip is a unique life experience, where you’ll be given the opportunity to understand the reality of three local communities in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, while contemplating outstanding landscapes and natural attractions.

Brazil for Executives   (Special Programs)
This trip was developed to allow people with limited time for traveling. The itinerary combine visits to two of the world’s most beautiful cities, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, with ecotourism activities in the Northern Pantanal.

Southern Highlights   (Special Programs)
This package combines some of the most beautiful sites in Brazilian Southern region, such as the astonishing Iguaçu Falls, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro and the historical Ouro Preto, considered a World Hiratage site by Unesco.

Classic South America   (Special Programs)
This package combine the highlights of 3 biggest South American countries, We begin our trip in Brazil where we visit Rio de Janeiro, Paraty and the Iguaçu Falls. Next we visit Buenos Aires, the Argentinean cosmopolitan capital. We end up the trip in Peru, where we visit Cuzco and Machu Picchu, the impressive Holy City of the Inca Empire.

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The Sugar Loaf seen from Corcovado Mountain is one of the most beautiful views in the world.
The trip was perfect: itinerary, guides hotel(...) Everything was great!
I hope I'll be back soon.
Nicholas Kohn - Austria (2004)

- "We are back home and very grateful for your kindnesses to us and your help to get home. It was a wonderful trip and you have a beautiful country.  We would also be willing to be a reference for your company since we were treated so well."
Sandy & Ed Conti - USA (Aug/05)