Located about 70 km from the coast in the neighborhoods of the cities of Alcobaça, Caravelas and Prado the Archipelago of Abrolhos is compounded by five islands of volcanic origins: Saint Bárbara, Guarita, Sueste, Siriba and Redonda.

In order to preserve the area, The Marine National Park of Abrolhos was created, forbidding any type of fishing and hunting in the islands. Today the park is fiscalized by the Ibama (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Resources).

The visit to the Archipelago of Abrolhos is an unforgettable experience!!!

Its hot and crystalline waters, varying between 24C and 28C degrees, hides a great diversity of species of the Brazilian fauna and flora, some of them rare and endemic. The archipelago brings to the eyes a profusion of colors and lights. The boats anchored in the place, allow to the visitor the wonderful sensation to sleep to the deck, with the stars to illuminate the night, together with the lighthouse in the island of Saint Bárbara.

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The Jubarte Whales
The subaquatic world
The Marine Birds


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The almost desert-like landscape of the surface contrasts with the exuberance of life of the submarine universe of Abrolhos.

With average visibility of 10 the 20 meters and average temperature of the water around 26°C, provide the meeting with one varied and abundant concentration of fauna and flora. The climate is determined by air masses that dominate the stations of the year.

The calmest period is from January till March. The temperature varies between 24°C and 27°C. The park presents an excellent area for independent diving and snorkeling. In July, it initiates the season of the Jubarte whales.

To the lovers of the dive, the best time is from December to April, because the transparency and temperature of the water.

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Only the trainees of the Ibama, of the Project Jubarte Whale, the light house maintainer and a garrison of the navy can live in the Island.
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Diving in Brazil   (Sun & Beach)
More than 8000km great options for your best diving experience.

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