440km south of Salvador, hidden between the Atlantic Rain Forest, the Rio das Contas River and the ocean, we find Itacaré, the new jewel of Brazilian coast.
Itacaré is a paradise whose scenario is compounded by white sand beaches, ocean, waterfalls and hills covered by dense forest.
Itacaré is a small village located in the Costa do Cacau (Cocoa Coast) in Bahia state, with about 10.000 inhabitants and tens of untouched beaches. After the declining of cocoa culture, in 40’s the town was abandoned and stayed forgotten for decades until was recently rediscovered by tourism.

Now, the town receives people from all parts of the country and world, moving to Itacaré looking for peace, sun and beach. These people are investing and the city already offer a good infrastructure in hotels, restaurants and lodges, without losing the charm that made it famous.

The region is cut by innumerous rivers and waterfalls and it is one of the last in Bahia presenting the Atlantic Rain Forest, one of the richest ecosystems in the world. The forest was preserved thanks to the cocoa culture, which was the base of the economy in the first half of XX century. The cocoa tree is a short tree which has to be cultivated in the shade, so, for economic reasons, man had to preserve the forest, which was not the case in the rest of the state.

The whole nature of Itacaré is wonderful, but the beaches deserve special commentaries. The coast between Itacaré and Ilhéus is a succession of beaches and hills covered with and Atlantic Rain Forest. Some of them are so small and hidden that they do not show up on maps or tour guides.

Please see below, some of the most beautiful beaches and attractions of the region.

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Engenhoca and Havaizinho
Taipus de Fora
Morro do Farol


  • Itacaré is one of the best surf points in Brazil. There are some local surf shops that rent surf boards and body-boards. However they are not always in good shape. If you are a surf lover, don’t forget your own board.
  • The beach of Taipus de Fora is perfect for snorkeling. Our tour includes rent of sub aquatic mask. However it is very helpful to take your own equipment, if you have it.
  • Comfort walking sandals are very helpful as you must take tracks to reach some of the most beautiful beaches of Itacaré
  • Every day at the sunset, there is a Capoeira presentation at the left side rocks of the Conchas Beach, close to the village. We strongly recommend. The sunset is also spectacular.

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The climate is tropical, but the microclimate of the region makes the temperatures more moderate. Average temperatures vary between 25oC e 30oC the whole year, but may rise up to 40oC in the summer (from December to March). The winter (from June to August) is just a little bit colder.
The sun shines all year long and the most constant rains are during the winter (June and July).
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The Baiano (name given for the person born in Bahia state) is famous to be one of the happiest and most welcoming people in the country. This happiness can be noticed in the smile of the people since you arrive in the airport or get a taxi cab.
The big number of the Africans that arrived in Bahia since the XVI century, left big influence in the culture, and life of this people. Everywhere you look you see someone singing playing his drums, making dreads in the hair.
Another very famous characteristic of the Baiano is that are very calm, many times confounded with laziness…
Great part of the Brazilian music descends from Bahia culture. The samba has it roots in Salvador, Lambada, was created in Porto Seguro and more recently the Samba Reggae and the Carnival. Many of our best musicians are Baianos: Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, João Gilberto and Daniela Mercury.

As the famous music says “The Baiano has god in his heart and the devil in his haunch”

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Adventure Bahia   (Special Programs)
A program designed for adventurers looking for someting more than just watching and taking pictures. Here, we visit the hottest points of the Bahia State, as the astonishing landscape of the Chapada Diamantina National Park and the untouched beaches of Itacaré. It also includes visits to the most important attractions of Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

Itacaré & Maraú   (Sun & Beach)
The newest jewel of the Bahia Coast, with untouched beaches and rich Atlantic Rain Forest.

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