In Southern Brazil you will find the amazing capital of the state of Santa Catarina. Florianópolis is situated on an island linked to the mainland only by its most famous postcard, the Hercilio Luz Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Brazil.

The first inhabitants of Floripa, as the city is locally called, were the Tupi-Guaranis, an indigenous group who were predominant along the Brazilian coast. In the middle of the 16th century the island has been first settled by the Spanish, until 1675 when the Portuguese took control of it. Between the 18th and 19th centuries many people from different nations have arrived in the island, contributing for the development of the region. In 1894 Florianópolis has received its current name in homage to Marechal Floriano Peixoto.

Floripa is not only famous by its history, but specially by the natural attractions, beautiful and receptive people and by the great variety of adventure sports that you can practice there. Almost half of the Island is covered by lush Atlantic Rain Forest. In these woods you will find about 30 awesome paths that lead you to quiet beaches and hills with gorgeous panoramic view. The island offers more than 40 beaches with different characteristics that satisfy every kind of tourist. Read more at Attractions section of this page.

If you are looking for a place with a lot of adventure, you have found the right place. Floripa is the Brazilian Mecca for surfers and also offers good options for diving, rafting, kite-surfer and Hang Gliding. In the north side of the island there are many sand dunes where you can practice Sand Boarding, a tropical version of Snow Boarding. Around the Floripa you will find small islands with great points for diving and snorkeling, such as the Biological Reserve of Arvoredo.

At night, Floripa offers you a great variety of restaurants, bars and night clubs, located next to Conceição Lagoon or in the center. The north gets also a lot of night life venues in summer.

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Diving (Arvoredo Reserve)
Mole Beach
Brava Beach
Joaquina Beach
Lagoinha do Leste
Pântano do Sul Beach
Lagoa da Conceição
Campeche Island
Windsurfing & Kitesurfing
Hang Gliding
Climbing and Rapelling
Mountain Bike & Trekking
Sand Boarding


• Have a bite at Bar do Arantes in Pântano do Sul Beach and leave your message or poem registered on its wall.
• Try "Sequência de Camarão", consisted on a sequence of shrimp dishes, at the restaurants at Conceiçao Lagoon.
• Galhetas Beach, next to Mole Beach, is a nudist beach. Allowed only for the adepts of nudism.
• Box 32:Located next to the Mercado Municipal, this bar offers traditional snacks like cod nugget fried and the shrimp “pastel”, fresh oyster sauced on sparkling wine.
• Belvedere:From the Morro da Lagoa you can see many beaches such as Barra da Lagoa, Galheta and Mole, besides the Conceição Lagoon. From Morro da Cruz you wacth the weastern side of the island, with the center of town and Hercílio Luz Bridge.
•Gustavo Kürten usuallly surfs in Brava Beach... If you want his autograph you shall only be there in the time between the tennis season.
• If you have any time left, you must visit other beautiful beaches, heading south of Santa Catarina not far from Floripa, like Guarda do Embaú (60 km south) and the beaches of Garopaba (90 km south). For that, and also for enjoying Florianópolis, you’d better rent a car.

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In general, temperatures are warm, 28°C during the day and 22°C at night. June through September are the coolest months in Florianópolis, with fall-like temperatures of 14°C at night and the 22°C during the day. The rainy season doesn’t come very strong in the island, starting on December and finishing on March.
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More than 300 thousand inhabitants live in Florianópolis where about 16 per cent of them live have settled in the island less then 10 years ago, charmed by the politeness of its population and the paradisiacal landscapes.

The colonization of the Portuguese from the Azorian has impacted on the culture of its population. Besides the architecture, the old dialect still remains among a lot of inhabitants, and the accent and slang from the region are very different from the rest of the country.

Another very famous characteristic of Floripa is the extreme beauty of its people. The European settlers rapidly assimilated the Brazilian grace, creating a beautiful and charming population, whose most famous icon is the the international supermodel Gisele Bünchen.

Here you find since simple fishermen until famous personalities like Gustavo Kürten, the worldwide famous tennis player. One thing you can be sure of: both of them will make you feel always welcome in their land!

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Diving in Brazil   (Sun & Beach)
More than 8000km great options for your best diving experience.

Atlantic Dreams   (Special Programs)
Enjoying paradisiacal beaches, partying, hiking and meeting beautiful people from different cultures. On this program you will explore the best combinations of places with privileged nature and wonderful night life along the Brazilian coast. Starting at the magnificent island of Florianópolis, this trip also includes visits to Rio de Janeiro and Arraial D’Ajuda.

Florianopolis   (Sun & Beach)
Experience Florianopolis in a unique way, visiting the most beautiful places in the island, interacting with the local communities and enjoying the night-life.

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