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Abismo Anhumas
Aquário Natural
Boca da Onça Ecotour
Estância Mimosa
Gruta do Lago Azul
Rafting in Rio Formoso
Rio da Prata
Snorkeling in Rio Sucuri
Buraco das Araras
Gruta de São Miguel
Diving at the Abismo Anhumas
Mysterious Lagoon
Mimoso Grotto


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Wild Forests   (Special Programs)
This program allows you to have contact with three of the most important ecosystems of Brazil such as the Amazon Forest, the flooded areas of the Pantanal, the savannas of the Cerrado and the Atlantic Rainforest. It also includes visits to the magnificent nature of Bonito, the colonial arquitecture in Paraty and the unforgettable landscape of Rio de Janeiro.

Bonito   (Ecotourism)
Enjoy the natural wonders of this spectacular region which is one of the best places on Earth for cave daving and snorkeling in rivers.

Pantanal and Bonito   (Ecotourism)
The wildlife of Pantanal and all natural beauties of Bonito combined in the same program.

Diving in Brazil   (Sun & Beach)
More than 8000km great options for your best diving experience.

Endangered Wildlife Safari   (Expeditions)
More than a simple safari tour, this trip is a unique opportunity to contribute to conservation projects, becoming face-to-face with some of the most beautiful and endangered species of the Brazilian fauna: the Golden Lion Tamarin, the mysterious Jaguar and the Hyacinth Macaw.

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Overall, Bonito/Pantanal was a great trip for me and i think the other guys loved it too(...)
The highlight of Bonito was definately the Abyss - this was great and I will always remeber this day.
Aadesh Gosrani - UK