Arraial Dajuda

Within the 8000km of the Brazilian Coast, the region of Porto Seguro, in the south shore of Bahia state is certainly the hottest one. Hottest not only on climate measures but specially in terms of human activities temperature. If you are looking for fun and party, this part of Bahia state is the place you must go.

ARRAIAL D'AJUDA is the closest village to Porto Seguro and the easiest to get to: you just need to catch the ferry from the centre of Porto Seguro for the ten-minute journey across the Rio Buranhém. From the other side there are vans that climb the hill and drop you in the center of town.

Fifteen years ago, before the arrival of electricity or the road from Porto Seguro, Arraial was a poor fishing village removed from the world. Than it became a hidden destination of hippies and backpackers that used to go to Arraial looking for peace, freedom and cheap tourism. By that time people used fisherman houses as accommodation and restaurants.

Since then, the international tourist set has discovered Arraial and its beaches. Now Arraial became a charmy and animated village, full of good restaurants and sophisticated hotels.

The main beaches are Mucugê, Parracho and Pitinga. The Pitinga, has red and green striped sandstone cliffs, sparkling water and large grained sand. It's acceptable for women to go topless there.

Despite the beauty of the beaches, what brings the tourists into Arraial is the nightlife. Arraial D'Ajuda is really lively in the evenings, specially during the summer vacations (January and February). On these months, it’s a wonderful place to tan and party. Newcomers soon fall into the routine: going crazy on beach parties every night, recovering the following morning under the shadow of a sun umbrella and crawling back onto the beach bars for more sun and Axé (local carnival music).

During the other months, Arraial becomes a charming and sofisticated destinations for families and couples looking for peace, nice bars and good cousine.

The road called "Caminho do Mar" (way to the sea), is where the best bars, restaurants and shops are located. During the night it becomes a charming boulevard with nice people having fun.

In “downtown”, the main street running from the Church to the cemetery is called Broadway. Right besides the church of Nossa Senhora da Ajuda, built by the Jesuits priests in 1549, you find the house where the Lambada, dance and rythm that was worldy famous in the end of 80's, was created.

Near Arraial D'Ajuda you find some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, such as the Espelho Beach and Amores Beach. You also find other charming and remote places such as Trancoso and Caraivas.

This region is known as Discovery Coast, because it was there that Pedro Alvares Cabral had his first sight of Brazilian land in the year of 1500.

Now it is your time to discover the beauties and fun of this incredible place!

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Espelho Beach
Rio da Barra Beach
Mount Paschoal National Park


  • Taste fish and special “moquecas” in Paulinho Pescador restaurant.
  • In Restaurante do Xaxá you’ll find the delicious “camarão na moranga” (shrimp cooked inside a pumpking). Other good restaurants are the Girassol, the Nipo Sushi and the Boi nos Aires
  • The restaurants down at the beach have excellent fried shrimp and other seafood. 
  • At the Mucugê beach, try the special drinks offered by the friendly barman Antonio at the Mucuge Beach Bar. He’ll be glad to open an account for you. Nice people and great music.
  • VW Kombis (vans) congregate in front of the church on Broadway to ferry passengers to the beaches around Arraial. Bicycles can be rent at several shops on Broadway.
  • Don’t let to try the famous drink “Capeta” at the Nostravamus Bar at the Parracho, made of vodka, pineapple and powdered guarana (stimulate Amazon fruit)
  • Galeria d'Ajuda and Beco dos Cores have some slick bars for more cashed-up travelers.
  • The Shopping da Ajuda at the Caminho do Mar Boulevard is the best place for shopping.

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Average temperatures vary between 25oC e 30oC the whole year, but may rise up to 40oC in the summer (from December to March). The winter (from June to August) is just a little bit colder.
The sun shines all year long and the most constant rains are during the winter (June and July).
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The Baiano (name given for the person born in Bahia state) is famous to be one of the happiest and most welcoming people in the country. This happiness can be noticed in the smile of the people since you arrive in the airport or get a taxi cab.
The big number of the Africans that arrived in Bahia since the XVI century, left big influence in the culture, and life of this people. Everywhere you look you see someone singing playing his drums, making dreads in the hair.
Another very famous characteristic of the Baiano is that are very calm, many times confounded with laziness…
Great part of the Brazilian music descends from Bahia culture. The samba has it roots in Salvador, Lambada, was created in Porto Seguro and more recently the Samba Reggae and the Carnival. Many of our best musicians are Baianos: Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, João Gilberto and Daniela Mercury.

As the famous music says “The Baiano has god in his heart and the devil in his haunch”

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Atlantic Dreams   (Special Programs)
Enjoying paradisiacal beaches, partying, hiking and meeting beautiful people from different cultures. On this program you will explore the best combinations of places with privileged nature and wonderful night life along the Brazilian coast. Starting at the magnificent island of Florianópolis, this trip also includes visits to Rio de Janeiro and Arraial D’Ajuda.

Arraial dAjuda   (Sun & Beach)
Enjoy 5 days in Arraial D’Ajuda, a charming beach village located in the south of Bahia, where you find not only calm and warm sea, but also the best nightlife in the region.

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- Thanks a lot for the trip to Arraial! The receommendation was exactly right, and I enjoyed it a lot. The pousada was cool as well. I went to Trancoso by feet by the beach one of the days, and that was really amazing! Thanks again and greetings from Russia!
Dmitry Bayakhchev (Aug/05)