Fifty years ago, the place where Brasilia now stands was nothing but the Cerrado the name given to the Brazilian Savanna.

The reality changed after the dream of one single man, who watched a new metropolis in the heart of the country. A new capital that all the Brazilians would be proud of. In 1960, after 4 years of hard work, billions of dollars and many points in the inflation rates, former president Juscelino Kubitschek inaugurated Brasiília.

For visitors, Brasilia´s attractions are purely architectural. Brazil's best designers, architects, and artists were commissioned to create the monuments and buildings and make them beautiful. A visit to Brasilia is a chance to see and judge their success.

The master plan of the city was selected after a national contest. The winning design was submitted by architect Lucio Costa. Costa's plan was pure architectural Modernism: a lot of concrete, planned neighborhoods, identical residential buildings and large avenues.

The main concept includes two great intersecting streets, one straight, one slightly curved. In the word of Costa: the project "was born from the primary gesture of someone who signs a place of take its ownership: two axis crossing themselves in right angle, the sign of the cross, itself".

Viewed from the sky, the city looked bold and monumental airplane in flight. The fuselage contains the ministries, government buildings, the senate and chamber of deputies and a futuristic cathedral. The wings of the airplane are named the North Wing and South Wings are where the residential building are located.

All buildings were projected by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, one of the world’s most important architects in the 20th century. The Congress, the Presidential Palace and specially the Cathedral are considered master pieces of Modernism architecture.

Brasilia is the only city built on 20th Century to be declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its unique design and fantastic architecture.

Located in the geographic center of Brasil, Brasilia is the corner where Brazilians from all different local cultures meet. It is also a perfect place to admire the creativity and originally of two genius of Modernist architecture.

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Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasília
Alvorada Palace
Itamaraty Palace
Memorial JK
The Congress: Deputy Chamber and Senate
Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park
Alto Paraíso


  • The area aside the Paranoá Lake is full of bars, discos and restaurants.
  • Some of the government buildings close in specific days. Don’t le to check if the buildings are opened.
  • There are special dressing codes for visiting the Congress and other government buildings. Don’t let to check before visiting some buildings.
  • If you have a few extra days free don’t let to go Chapada dos Veadeiros, a paradise for those who appreciate the nature and want to enjoy some outdoor activities like trekking, rappelling and canyoning.
  • The region of Alto Paraiso, near the Chapada dos Veadeiros is considered a mystical area and present many different cults and exoteric temples. Don’t let to visit and feel the different energy of this area.

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Brasília has dry winters and wet summers.

Maximum temperatures average 28°C (82°F). During the dry season the temperature decreases and can reach daily lows of 13°C (55°F) in July. The absolute minimum registered was 0.6°C (34°F) and the maximum absolute 34.1°C (93°F).

During the dry season, the relative humidity of the air reaches critical levels during the hottest times of the day. Don’t forget to bring this information to your doctor.

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The population of Brasilia is formed by people from different parts of the country, who went to Brasilia to work in the different areas of the Government.

This unique characteristic reflects in the habits, accent and the cultured produced in the city.

There are 2 different words to designate the person who leaves in Brasilia: the Brasliense is the name given to the people who were actually born in the city. Candango, which means “ordinary” in African language, is the name of the people who immigrated to the city.

Also, being the Federal Capital, Brasília is home of more than 80 embassies and several international representations what also brings different aspects of international culture, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere in the city.

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Brazil for Executives   (Special Programs)
This trip was developed to allow people with limited time for traveling. The itinerary combine visits to two of the world’s most beautiful cities, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, with ecotourism activities in the Northern Pantanal.

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