Biosfera Brasil is a tourism company, specialized in quality travel programs to, special brazilian ecological destinations.

Managed by brazilians with great international experience and deep knowledge of local tourism, our company was created after verifying that most foreign tourists come to Brazil to visit only a few famous destinations, such as Iguassu Falls and Rio de Janeiro.

These places are really wonderful, we agree! However, the country also offers many other magnificent ecological treasures, almost unknown to foreign public, due to lack of information or difficulties to getting there without local support.

We believe we can use our experience to reveal these natural beauties to international travelers, welcoming them with the best service, comfort and safety.

Biosfera Brasil works together with some of the best ecological operators in Brazil, who are responsible for managing all activities related to travel arrangements.

This structure allows us to remain focused on our main tasks: to design special products for a foreign travelers, escorting groups with the best service and giving the best support for international travel agencies.

Our different programs have one thing in common: you will always travel supervised by a well trained staff and will find the convenience of the best selection of hotels available. In each destination, we work with the best naturalist guides in the region, focusing on environmental awareness, nature interpretation and conservation of wildlife. Mindful of the impact of human visitation on wildlife habitats, we recognize the positive impact, environmentally speaking, that the money from tourism creates sustainable economic alternatives for the exploitation of natural resources. Biosfera Brasil´s programs stimulate the traveler with a desire to preserve the environmental integrity and kindle in local communities a pride in safeguarding their natural and cultural heritage.

Biosfera Brasil offers the best services for travelers who want to visit Brazilian ecological reserves. Our goal is to stimulate an interest in develop an understanding of, and create a method to appreciate, the great natural wonders of our country. Our programs are primarily designed to provide all comfort and facilities, so that travelers may focus only on the exploration of natural beauty as well as reach the local communities to learn and understand their cultures.

Please know more about our team:

Cassiano Ciampone – Marketing Director
Bacharelor in Public Administration by EAESP-FGV and graduated in Finance by Harvard University and Marketing by ESPM. Cassiano has worked for some of the most recognized financial institutions.
Being a ecotourism lover and facing the lack of good products offered in the international market, Cassiano decided to create a new and modern company to offer more than the regular trips to Brazil, where people could enjoy the trip and learn more about our beloved country. (English) (Español) (Português)

Juliana Vilela – Travel Consultant Manager
Juliana has a Bachelor’s in Tourism from PUC-SP. Working for Biosfera Brasil since March/07, mainly taking care of Brazilian customers, Juliana is now attending foreign tourists coming from Spanish speaking countries. (Português) (English) (Español)

Silvia Gentil - Chief Operations Officer - Partner
Graduated in Social Sciences, Silvia has worked for more than 18 years as an independent travel agent, build a solid and faithful clientele. Silvia has visited over 50 countries in all 5 continents and is an expert in Brazilian tourism destinations. In Biosfera Brasil, is the Director responsible for coordinating our operations team. (Português) (Español)

Laido Ciampone - Chief Executive Officer - Partner
Partner and executive officer of Biosfera Brasil, he is the person responsible for all managerial activities. Graduated in Engineering, Laido has worked as executive for some of the world’s largest corporations such as AT&T, Group Saint Gobain, Pirelli among others. He has also been teaching Engineering and Marketing for more than 40 years in some of the most important universities in Brazil. (Port)(Eng)(Fre)(Esp)

Biosfera Brasil is managed by Brazilians who know every detail in each ecological region offered as a possible destination to our clients.

Biosfera Brasil is specialized and focused on bringing foreigners to Brazil. Working together with the most important ecotourism operators in Brazil, allows us to keep focused on giving you the best service and attention.

Unique and personal service. One of our experienced guides will be with you, from the first day of your journey to the last. Our crew is well trained and speaks fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Limited size of the groups. This allows us to visit places without interfering on the environment and to maintain the local culture and native customs.

Our tours are designed to include typical restaurants, what allows the travelers to taste local food and drinks.

By bringing travelers to meet the local communities, Biosfera Brasil will be contributing with local social and environmental projects, helping to improve the living condition of local people and protecting the nature in the region.
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