AT HOME: Don’t forget to do…

    Here's a quick reminder of things you should do before you leave for an extended trip.

    If you take prescription medication, be sure you have enough for the trip
    Check with your health care provider regarding coverage overseas
    Stop routine services such as mail, trash collection, paper deliveries
    Pack lightly. Even in the night, Brazilians are very informal on way of dressing. Prefer clothes that can be dried easily.
    Leave your jewelry at home. Remember you are going to ecologic destination. You will not need them.
    To avoid problems on customs, keep medications in their original labeled containers.
    Make sure you have luggage tags for each suitcase.
    Leave a copy of your itinerary with your family in case they need to reach you
    Check to see that no important bills are due while you're away
    Lock windows, doors and set alarm system
    If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, it's a good idea to have an extra pair
    Be sure you have enough money, travelers check, and a valid credit card
    Note the limit on your credit card(s)

    FROM HOME: Don’t Forget to bring

    Valid Passport - check if you need a visa
    Swim gear
    Mosquito repellent
    Sun Block
    2 pairs of comfortable shoes
    Battery-operated travel alarm clock
    Camera and films
    Small back-pack
    Happiness and good humor

    IN BRAZIL: Don’t forget to do…

    - Let the Brazilian happiness contaminate you
    - Ask for a right window seat leaving from Rio
    - Listen the Brazilian music
    - Learn how to dance local music
    - Try not to look too tourist…

    The Brazilians are very relaxed, informal and warm. Some foreign people may feel invaded sometimes. However, let you to be contaminated by the receptiveness, good humor and rhythm of the Brazilian people. It is contagious…

    Leaving Rio de Janeiro from Santos Dumont Airport, ask for a right window seat. This view from the Wonderful City inspired the musician Antonio Carlos Jobim to make the famous music "Samba do Avião". You'll understand why…

    The Brazilian music is very diversified and happy. It is a good soundtrack to make your trip even better.

    If the Lambada, the Forró and Samba seem too sexy for you to dance, try to leave any kind of shy you have in your own country and ask someone to teach you how to dance. People are always happy to teach you how to dance and this is quite normal to us…

    Try not to look too tourist… People using huge cameras, jewelry and acting like being lost attract the pickpockets. Like everywhere, avoid empty places in big cities. Remember the slogan: don't be a tourist, be a traveler…

    SHOPPING: Don´t forget to buy…

    - Jewels with Topazio and Água Marinha
    - Bikinis in Rio
    - Handmade lacework in Northeast
    - Wood products in Amazonia
    - Brazilian CD's

    Shopping in a foreign country can be a wonderful experience. Brazil offers some great opportunities for shopping, especially on handmade products, jewelry, clothes and shoes. You may get terrific bargains.

    Biosfera Brasil does not recommend nor guarantee any particular shops or merchants, even though the bus stopped there and the tour escort may have given their own personal endorsement.

    For women, try not to be ashamed and don't forget to buy the world famous bikinis from Rio. They are very sexy and have good quality. For men, you find good shoes and inexpensive suits.

    Brazilian precious stones are also very famous. Look for the Brazilian yellow Topazio and the blue "Agua Marinha". The jewels with these stones are very beautiful and normally sold in good prices.

    The northeast is the paradise of handmade lacework. In Amazon, you can find all kinds of wood products made by local Indians communities. Beautiful and cheap…

    Brazilian music is worldly famous. Some of our suggestions are:

    - Timbalada
    - Olodum
    - Os Tribalistas
    - Daniela Mercury
    - Zeca Pagodinho
    - Tom Jobim
    - O melhor da Casa de Samba
    - Cidade Negra

    COUSINE and DRINKS: Don´t forget to eat… and drink…

    - Feijoada
    - Pão-de-queijo
    - Picanha
    - Queijo coalho
    - Acarajé
    - Moqueca
    - Local fruits
    - Caipirinha
    - Guaraná Soda
    - Cocoa juice

    The most traditional dish of Brazilian cousine is the Feijoada. Created during the slavery period, the Feijoada is made with black beans and pork meat, because the slaves owners did not use to eat these products. Accompanied with rice, farofa (manioc flour), slices of orange, and stir-fried cabbage, it's a meal by itself. It may not look nice, but it is really delicious.

    The Pão-de-queijo (cheese bread) is a treasury of Cousine Mineira. It's a bread made with local cheese, crisp outside and soft inside; this bread is already being exported to US and other countries.

    Picanha is the noble part of cow meat in Brazilian cut. Very soft and juice, this part is anxiously waited in Brazilian barbecues.

    The Queijo Coalho is a delicious raw king of cheese served in every beach in Brazil, after being cooked in small cans.

    Bahia's most famous snack is the Acarajé, a fried biscuit made of beans, stuffed with shrimps, tomato and okra pasta. You will look for the recipe…

    The moqueca is a rich stew made with fresh fish or seafood, coconut milk, spicy peppers and flavored with the oil from a dendê palm, which gives this dish its characteristic red color. Wonderful!!!!

    Brazil offers a huge number of different fruits. Some you will never find abroad. Try the Siriguela, the Graviola and Jabuticaba.

    Almost everyone has heard of Brazil's most famous cocktail, the caipirinha. Made with a squeezed lime, sugar, ice, and cachaça (rumlike hard liquor made from sugar cane). You'll also find caipirinhas made with kiwi, maracujá (passion fruit), strawberry and coconut. Visit Brazil and not try one, is like going to Mexico and don't drink a Marguerita.

    Brazil's tradicional beverage is the Guaraná, a sparkling ginger ale-like drink made with Amazonian Guaraná berries.

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