Brazil has a population of 180 million people and dozens of characters and kinds of people. Racial classification is difficult, as a result of racial mixing dating back to the days of colonization.

    Today, around 55% of the population is European descendent (mostly Portuguese, Italian, German and Spanish); 38% are mulattos (mixed European and African); 6% are African and the final 1% is made up of Japanese, Arabs and Amerindians.

    São Paulo, for example has over 5 million Italian descendents living in the city at the same time it is the largest colony of Japanese outside Japan.

    All these different people came and created a unique population, that speaks the same language, live in the same neighborhood, at the same time that have many particular characteristics.

    It is amazing to see how different are the Caboclo - the native man from the interior of Amazonia and Pantanal - and the Gaúcho - worldly famous inhabitant of the green fields of the South.

    After a few days in São Paulo and Rio, you'll begin to notice de particularities of the Paulista (from SP) and the Carioca (from RJ), despite they are only 450km far from each other.

    In summary, it's a well diversified population, famous for being the most welcoming in the world, with the happiest and friendliest people a foreign tourist can meet.

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