For a long time, only a few words used to come to people's mind when they heard the name Brazil... football, samba, bikinis and Carnival were among them. These images became almost synonymous with Brazil. And it's true!

    However, the world is rediscovering Brazil and new images have been included in this group… words like ecotourism, nature and cultural richness are more related to the country nowadays.

    The magnificent picture of the Christ with opened arms over the Guanabara Bay, one of the most recognized postcards of Rio de Janeiro, is now shown beside the famous picture of the Meeting of the Waters in Manaus, Amazon. The white dresses of the Baianas are now seen in travel program's folders as much as the famous bronzed bodies of the Carioca girls.

    In Brazil, the people are an attraction by themselves. Famous for their innate sense of rhythm, musicality and hospitality, Brazilians have a constant and contagious smile on the face that certainly will make your trip even better.

    Among all attractions the most spectacular one is our nature. Brazil is considered one of the world's richest places in terms of natural variety, offering the tourist many different and wonderful scenarios and ecosystems to be visited.

    This section of our website gives you a good overview of many aspects of the country, so you can learn more about the culture, geography, history, nature, climate and people. It also provides you a small travel guide with tips and informations about visas, phone companies etc...

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