Brazil is predominantly a tropical country: sun and warm temperatures the whole year. Only the south region experiences seasonal changes during the winter. Summer lasts from December to February and is the Brazilian holiday season. The weather during these months can get extremely hot, especially in the interior of Northeast and close to Rio de Janeiro. In general, temperatures range from about 25C (77F) to 35C (95F) in the summer. Rain occurs all year round and throughout the country, usually presenting tropical showers between January and March.

    June, July and August are the winter months, and the coldest areas are the southern states, where winter average temperatures are between 13C (55F) and 18C (64F). Snow is extremely rare, but possible in the mountains of Santa Catarina.

    The interior of Northeast is the driest area, and presents problems of poverty due to the lack of rain.

    On the other hand, rain is definitely not a problem in Amazon. There, the rain comes all year, however it is stronger and more frequent in January and February.

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